Spartan Metro Star-RT

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  • Spartan Metro Star-RT
  • Spartan Metro Star-RT
  • Spartan Metro Star-RT
  • Spartan Metro Star-RT
  • Spartan Metro Star-RT

Rescue Transport

The Metro Star®-RT (Rescue Transport) cab/chassis is designed for maximum maneuverability and reliable performance with unrivaled power and payload for the Type I-Additional Duty ambulance market.

A custom ladder frame and rear air suspension with kneeling feature, provide a stable, comfortable ride for patient and crew.


Product Highlights

Advanced Protection System (Patent Pending)
APS provides firefighters best-in-class protection against frontal impact, rollover, side impact and occupant ejection to and from the scene. Components include additional airbag positions, full side curtain airbags, advanced seat belts and outboard sensors that enable an intelligent restraint control module. The seat belt warning system provides audible and visual confirmation of seat belt status.


Spacious Cab Design
The Metro Star RT's 94" wide, flat floor cab design, seating configurations and raised roof options afford up to 6 crew members with the maximum usable interior space for ease of movement, extended leg and headroom, improved visibility and ample space for storage.


Wide Cab Steps & Doorways
Spartan offers the industry’s tallest and widest cab doors, providing safe entry and egress for personnel in full firefighting gear. In addition, we incorporate a progressive two-step configuration at each door opening—providing the widest steps and the lowest step heights in the industry—which also allows personnel in full firefighting gear to enter and exit the cab easily and safely.

Driver Controls

All driver controls are ergonomically engineered for safe operation & high-precision steering capabilities. SmartWheel increases safe vehicle operation by allowing the driver to operate key functions, such as windshield wipers, air horn and secondary brake functions, at the touch of a finger.


Quiet Cabs
Spartan’s cabs are engineered and constructed for optimum noise reduction. Through the use of high-quality insulation and dampening, a noise barrier is created by the cab ceiling and walls, as well as interior and exterior seams. As an added benefit, the integration of these products also assists in heating and cooling retention.


Vehicle Data Recorder
The Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR) is a safety system to monitor driving and riding procedures to and from the scene. The VDR records the following at specified intervals: vehicle speed, acceleration and deceleration (from speedometer), engine speed, engine throttle position, ABS event, seat occupied status, seat belt status, master optical warning device switch position, time and date.


Electronic Fluid Level Indicators
Electronic fluid checks allow for the levels of critical fluids to be monitored through the truck’s instrumentation package. Levels monitored include: engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission oil, windshield washer fluid and engine coolant.

Seat Belt Warning System

The seat belt warning system, integrated with the Vehicle Data Recorder system, provides occupancy confirmation for each seat within the cab. The system provides a visual indicator on the Vista Display or instrument panel, as well as an audible alarm, when any seat is occupied (60 pound minimum), and the corresponding seat belt is unfastened or was fastened incorrectly, and the parking brake is released. Once activated, the visual indicators and audible alarm remain active until the seat belts in all occupied seats have been fastened properly.

V-Mux Touchscreen Vista Display with Optional GPS System

Spartan’s Multiplex Display provides a flexible, user-friendly alternative to a traditional instrument panel. Electrical commands are condensed into a high-definition, touchscreen display which allows virtual control and monitoring of vehicle systems. The easily maintained, fully programmable system offers troubleshooting in the field and self-assists the technician with vehicle maintenance.



Metro Star-RT Specs

Engine & Transmissions
Cummins Diesel ISC8.3 or ISL9
Engine Horsepower: 300 – 350
94" Wide Aluminum Cab
Evolution Style Fascia
Spring Front Suspension
Lifetime Frame & Cross Member
10 Year / 100,000 Mile Cab Structural



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