Product Details
  • Strathcona County Boomer
  • Metro Star Boomer
  • Boomer Light Tower
  • Township of Union NJ Fire Department
  • Boomer Water Flow
  • Cuerpo de Bomberos de Santiago, 17th Company, Chile

Versatile and Cost-Effective

Spartan ERV did more than introduce a new vehicle with the BoomerTM -- we created a new category of fire-rescue devices. The BoomerTM is a first-of-its kind crossover product that combines five separate emergency-rescue functions into a single device that is more versatile, less costly and more compact.

Strong and Durable

Built on the same platform as Spartan's other great products, the Boomer gives you the power to perform.


Dreaming of an aerial but short on budget? The Boomer gives you reach, water, light and power exactly where you need them – at one-third the cost of buying all these capabilities separately.


Five Functions

What do you need most on the scene? Height? Water? Hydraulics? The Boomer’s patented technology has them all – and then some.


Elevation: A "boom" with 28-foot reach that gives you the tools you need – where you need them the most.


Water Discharge: A 28-foot master stream that can be rotated 360 degrees and elevated from -10 degrees to +90 degrees for greater firefighting reach.


Less Than 300 Parts (other elevated waterways have more than 1,800).  Less moving parts = less maintenance!


Electrical: A 6,000-watt light tower with adjustable lights to direct powerful illumination where needed.


Hydraulics and Air: Connections for high-pressure hydraulic rescue tools that provide life-saving functions at the scene of motor-vehicle accidents  Lift: The ability to lift 1,000 pounds.



Details on the Boomer

Less Than 300 Parts (industry average is 1,800)
Less maintenance
Less down time
6,000 Watt Light Tower
28' Master Stream
360 degree rotation
-10 to 90 degree elevation
High Pressure Connections For Rescue Tools
1,000 Pound Lifting Capabilities
1,000 Gallon Per Minute Monitor
2 additional hand line discharges

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